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Q: How do I search for hotels by price?

Ans: Once you click on the hotel tab, youll see categories of Hotels according to their prices. Click on the price you want.

Q: Where can I find the contact details of the hotel?

Ans: You can find the Contact Details of the hotel from the detail page of the hotel in question. From the detail page, click on the extra Information tab, youll see the hotels contact detail.

Q: Where can I find the directions to the hotel?

Ans: The Direction to the hotel is in the detail page of the hotel, where you have the Google map which gives you direction to the hotel.

Q: Can I use gidievents for free?

Ans: gidievents is absolutely free to use, It comes at no cost to the user, the event planners, the vendors, the hotel owners, the venue owners, also the restaurant owners. gidievents is aimed at providing simply, easy and affordable services to everyone with ease and can be done from the comfort of their respective homes.

Q: How can I search for vendors in a particular category?

Ans: When you get to the Vendors page, you will see the different categories of vendors. Click on any category of your choice.

Q: Where can I check for a current movie?

Ans: Click on the Movie menu, you will see the list of movies now showing in Cinemas, click on the one you are interested in.

Q: How can I book for a flight ticket?

Ans: Booking a flight on gidievents is really easy and requires no extra/additional help from anyone.

This can be achieved by selecting the travels menu (www.gidievents.com/travels), when you are on the page, scroll to the bottom of the page; choose your location and also your preferred destination, select the number of seats which you are booking, choose the time which will be convenient for you, you also have the option of selecting your preferred location airport and also your destination airport.

After that, you will be provided with a list of option, ranging from; type of flight (i.e economy class, business class e.t.c) to the price of each type of flight would cost, select your preferred choice and you are good to move ahead with the payment of your flight.

Thats all, its as simple as ABC and at no extra cost to you.





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